Religion - INTRODUCTION TO WORLD RELIGIONS REL 2300004 Instructor Office Hours Paul G Schneider Ph.D(Cooper 312 0 9742730 H 7274424274

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INTRODUCTION TO WORLD RELIGIONS REL 2300­004 Instructor: Paul G. Schneider, Ph.D. (Cooper 312; 0: 974­2730; H: 727­442­4274; [email protected] and [email protected] Office Hours: 9:00­11:00 Monday and Wednesday, 11:00­12:00 Tuesday and Thursday, and by arrangement. Course Goals: This course is designed to introduce students to the major religious traditions of the world, both past and present. In the process of providing a broad and general overview of these major religious traditions, the students will also be introduced to the academic study of religion and its methodologies. The methodologies utilized in this course are comparative and historical. Using these approaches we will discuss the cultural and religious contexts from which these major religions originated and developed, as well as how they compare and contrast with one another. We will also discuss how these religions today deal with contemporary ethical issues, such as gender roles, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, ecology and social justice Requirements: (1) Five online examinations (15%, 15%, 15%, 15%, 15%) The exams will be primarily multiple choice and true and false. Some questions might be in the form of matching. Check below for the actual time and scheduling of the exams. You may take the exam at home or in one of the computer labs or library. The exams are timed. The length of the exams will vary depending on the religions that you are being tested. Best advice is to use the computer labs on campus for taking the exams. This insures the best and fastest connection. Each student will have his or her own unique exam (no two exams will be alike). Makeup exams will not be online and may take the form of an essay exam. (2) Completion of the online quizzes and review material on the website (10%). On the website ( Hitchhiker’s Guide to World Religions ) students will find an Online Version of the PowerPoint Presentations. The Online Versions include audio commentary and also review questions with them. Before accessing the review slideshows, students will take a quiz on the contents of the textbooks. Upon passing the quiz with a grade of 80%, the students can then review the Online Presentations. Students will also find a review quiz for each Review Version of a PowerPoint Presentation. These quizzes, known as the Review Quizzes, are solely based on what was discussed in class and therefore the material in the PowerPoint Presentations. Students are required to past each review quiz with 80% grade or better. At the beginning of the course the sections on the Introduction to World Religions and Indigenous Religions, will only have Review Quizzes. Beginning with the subsection on Archaic Religions, students will have their first Entrance Quiz. The penalty for not completing this requirement will be that it will become 30% of the final grade. For further information
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Religion - INTRODUCTION TO WORLD RELIGIONS REL 2300004 Instructor Office Hours Paul G Schneider Ph.D(Cooper 312 0 9742730 H 7274424274

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