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1. Pressing [F4] repeats the last action you took. T F 2. Landscape orientation means a page is taller than it is wide. T F 3. Pressing [Ctrl][Enter] inserts an automatic page break. T F 4. The Header & Footer Tools Design tab opens when the insertion point is in the header or footer area. T F 5. What resources does the Research task pane provide access to? a. Dictionaries c. Translations b. Encyclopedias d. All of the above 6. By default, Word automatically creates a hyperlink to which of the following? a. The words Your Name c. The name of a company with a Web page b. The name of a Web site d. An e-mail address 7. Which command do you use if you want to make a document read-only so it cannot be modified by viewers? a. Document Inspector c. Mark as Final b. Compatibility Checker d. Prepare 8. Which command is used to display two different parts of the same document in the document window? a. Scroll c. Arrange All b. Split d. Window 9. If a document window had been split into two panes, how can you restore the window to a single pane?
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WordCDQuizPreview - Word 2007 C & D Quiz Preview 1....

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