331 Exam3A - Flrat 5 letter ot your la.i...

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Unformatted text preview: Flrat 5 letter ot your la.i n..n. (l€ftlu.tltyt) )t)t Last 5 dlglts of yolr Student Numbor(SSN) tttt Buaineaa Manag.m.nt 331 Eran H".netrastretsg, As.,.ten- (c-Y ( ae) You have 90 minutes to complete this exam. A countdown limer will be prcjecled on the screen during the quiz. No "time checks' will be verbalty given by the instructor during the quiz. When the 90 minutes are complete, aliwriting will cease. Pl€s€ rcad eactr questio.l c€refully and directly an$Nsr lhe question that is ask6d. You may use a c€lculator for the exam, However, no instruction on lhe use of th€ c€lculalor or its func-tions will b€ given during th€ exam. In addition, no shadng of calculators is permitted. f,]E USE OF CELL PHONES AND PDA'S ARE PROHIBITEDI Place the answer to the queslion asked in lhe box provided. Poinls will be deducied for answers nol placed in the box. Do not write equalions or anything other than the answer in the box. Only one sludenl is allowed al 6 tim€ lo use lhe resfoon. You will st/nender yolr exam to thg insbuctor pdor to going to the rgsfoom and it will bs given back upon your r6tum. No comnunication ofany kind is allovJed b€iween students durino the cou6e oflhe exam. This includes allforms of verbal communic€tion, Mitlen communicalion, aftUor electronic communicalion. I haw .gad the 6xam Inslructions above and understand lhal any violallon of the exam rul". wlll result in a suspec{od case ot academic misconduct, Slgn.turc: Delol Do nol wril6 b€lou/ this lin€ Total points on exam 195 Total ooints missed Percent conect Curved score 1 . I2O polnt. - 1 'c,ln.s lor e.ch ,rs!yet, Givon the following payoff table: What would be the decjEion {not,rre vrruet) based oni a. Maximax critoria? 4z A+ +5 b. lraximin crite.ia? +L c. Minimax regreP 1+L d. EMV when the states have equal probabiliiies of occuring? +L e Hurowicz wih p = 0.30? 4 L Note: There may be mullide answers. All answers must be listod credit. O.clBlon St toI State 2 State 3 Stat 4 #1 *9 #2 7 I 4 #3 3-l *4 6 6 #5-9 7 #6-3 8-€ Worksheets (not gr6dodl) Docblon [axlmum illnlmum Eltv Hurowlca f1 +-q-s, I @ /';\ 6lt}'' GD #3 3-L-o?5 d4 b-1....
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This note was uploaded on 05/07/2008 for the course BUSMGT 331m taught by Professor Christobek during the Winter '08 term at Ohio State.

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331 Exam3A - Flrat 5 letter ot your la.i...

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