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331 Exam2A - Fl6t 5 lotto.of you lest name lustltl 0.tt...

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Fl6t 5 lotto. of you. lest name 0.tt lustltl) tt-)t La.t 5 dlglE of yolr Stud.nt Number(SSt{) tttt Bu3lne!! Manegemant 331 Elam ll Name (Last / Firsl): 5*l p.u exA^^ ZA You have 90 minutes to complete this exam- A countdown timer will be pojected on the scroen during the quiz. No "time checks' will t€ verbatly given by the instructor during the quiz. \ryhen the 90 minutes arecomplete, all writing will @ase- Ploas€ read eadr queslion carefully and directy anslver the qu€stion lhat is a6ked. You may use a calcllalorfor lhe exam. Howgver, no ingtruction on th6 u3€ of tl|o calculator or its functon6 wlll be given during thoexam. lnaddition, no sharing of calculators is permitted. THEUSE OF CELL PHONES AND PDA'S AREPRO,/,,BfiEDI Place the answer lo the question asked in the box provided. Poinls will be deducted for ansvvoG not placed in the box. Do nol wrileequalions or anlhing olher lhan the answer in the bo(. Only one stud€nl is allowod at a tim6 to us€ lhe resfoom. You will surender you exam lo th€ insttuctor prior to going lo th€resvoom and itwillbe given back upon your rctum. No communicalion oI anykindis allow€d between sfud€nts during the cours€ ofthe 6xam. This includes allforms of verbal communicalion. wdlten conmunicalion. and/or eleclrcnic communication. I have roadtha ex.m instluclions ebov. and und.rst nd that .ny violalion of th. ex.m rul€a will rcsult in a luaDgctadcage of academlc misconduct, Slgnatu.e: O.ta: Do not write below this line Total points on exam 253 Total points missed Percent conect Curved score
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x z Capacities [e 50 Lg L1 U- 50 B !1 tv l 4 t,, t1 t00 G L-: L. l7 LL 150 D Ll ll L' t1t Lr5 ?{ 200 Demands '| 00 75 300 25 1. [30 Polnts - 10poinb eacrr] Determino th€ initlalfeasible solution using the Nodhwest Comer method. What is the value of ihe toialshipping cost using the Norlhwest Cofier method? | 1'1 ?< | l-l Det€mine lhe initialleasible solulion using Vogel's Approximation Method (VAM). I x z Capacltie3 Lg X !1 l3 L !_ 50 B U1 X l4 l1) L-:: !1 100 5 5 I c L:_ X lr_ l7 LA l50 D E /D L1 L' [email protected] LT x 200 Damands 100 300 25 3' q- z, l, ' ' 6 ) ' - - L L - - What is lh€ valiie of the total shipping cosl usirE Vogel's Approximalion Mothod? Dotarmin€ lh€ inilial foagiblo solutonusing minimum cost alloc€lion rnelhod. w x 2 Cap.cru.s L" L'" t_:_ LI zs 50 B Ll1 7s l4 t,, Lll r0 L-: L1 x l7 L 1< L1 150 D Ls X L1 x L" [email protected] lrl x 2q) D€manda 100 75 300 25 Whal is tho value of the tolal shipping cosl u3ang the minimum costallocalion mothod?
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