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class notes - 3/3/06 FIRST CLASS AFTER 2 ND EXAM: LECTURE...

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Unformatted text preview: 3/3/06 FIRST CLASS AFTER 2 ND EXAM: LECTURE NOTES:- Pre- Magical Mystery Tour and Post-Sgt. Pepper: While the Beatles were working on Sgt. Pepper album Brain Epstein was becoming well on his way to being a drug addict. This was primarily because he could see his career winding down as the Beatles became a chiefly studio band. 1 He only kept two of his bands employed: The Beatles Cilla Black Allen Klein was a rising manager at this time and had his sights set on eventually becoming the Beatles manager. Previously he had been Donovans manager in 1964 and the Rolling Stones manager in 1965 McCartneys publicly admits to having used LSD 1 Paul tells reporters that he will not lie to them but it is the medias fault for spreading this pro-drug message to the teens of the world if they choose to publicize his comments 2 Printed in: Queen newspaper in England Life magazine in the USA 3 Owsley Stanley III was the Beatles supplier of LSD. He was based out of San Francisco. He was renowned for having been the producer of designer LSD. One of his own creations was the famous Purple Haze. Beatles go to Greece (which at the time did not permit drugs of any kind, rock and rolletc.) when the Beatles go to visit the Parthenon John Lennon says, What good is the Parthenon without LSD. Brian Epsteins death 1 Epstein had become very addicted to a drug called Carbitol 2 Epstein died while the Beatles were working on Magical Mystery Tour in 1967 In the 60s all these new types of sleeping pills came out and regular mothers were becoming addicted to these sleeping pills because they thought they couldnt sleep without them. These pills were new and not thought to be harmful.I feel the same may be for adderal and people today. - Magical Mystery Tour- the album: The album was released differently in the UK than it was in the USA: 1 MMT- Double EP in the UK 2 This was the first time the release in America was better than the album released in the UK Held the 6 songs from the TV show and a number of other songs they had been working on while recording Sgt. Pepper but not included on that album Came with a colorful picture book Since the version of this album that was released in the USA was better and cooler than the version of the album released in the UK it was the first Beatles album imported into the UK from the USA. Baby, Youre A Rich Man 1 This song was written about Brain Epstein (and all of his brown bag money as he called it) 2 John Lennon plays a claviolen (a popular keyboard instrument during the 60s. he liked it because he thought it sounded like an Obo) pops up all throughout the song 3 It was recorded in one night from 9pm-3am recording took place away from Abbey Road studio 4 Recorded on May 11, 1967 All Together Now 1 This song would end up on Yellow Submarine album though they recorded and mixed on May 12, 1967 2 Was recorded from 7:00 pm-12:30 am at Abbey Road Studios...
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class notes - 3/3/06 FIRST CLASS AFTER 2 ND EXAM: LECTURE...

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