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MP23- Uniform Circular Motion

MP23- Uniform Circular Motion - MasteringPhysics Assignment...

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3/2/08 4:53 PM MasteringPhysics: Assignment Print View Page 1 of 2 http://session.masteringphysics.com/myct/assignmentPrint?assignmentID=1114143 [ Print View ] PHYS 2211 ABCDE Spring 08 MP23: Uniform Circular Motion Due at 11:59pm on Sunday, February 17, 2008 View Grading Details Speed of a Bullet A bullet is shot through two cardboard disks attached a distance apart to a shaft turning with a rotational period , as shown. Part A Derive a formula for the bullet speed in terms of , , and a measured angle between the position of the hole in the first disk and that of the hole in the second. If required, use , not its numeric equivalent. Both of the holes lie at the same radial distance from the shaft. measures the angular displacement between the two holes; for instance, means that the holes are in a line and means that when one hole is up, the other is down. Assume that the bullet must travel through the set of disks within a single revolution.
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