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Econ 41 - Final Sheet (21-23)

Econ 41 - Final Sheet (21-23) - [email protected] b[0234,0769...

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Unformatted text preview: J @1110683] b) [0234,0769] fi0.401,0.599] d)[0.171,0.529] e)none of the above 21. Over the past seven days, the revenue of a hot dog stand were (Sun,Mon,Tue,.. .Sat) 2300,1500,1800,1500,1500,1300,2200. What is the value of the goodness of fit sta— tistic that tests whether revenues are the same on each of the seven weekdays? a) It is in [0,1] b) It is in (1,2] 0) It is in (2,5)] ‘ d) It is in (5,10] J e) None of the above. X?” 5 “735 22. In the context of the previous question, what is the appropriate critical value to test the hypothesis at the 10% Significance level? a) Itisin [0,1] x}: @736 ’ on: .10 , an”: PHI? 1)) It is in (1,2] (3) It is in (2,5] d) It is in (5,10] +093.“ J/EDNone of the above. 7:7” (fiscal vamfiw T lO.£‘4§\ 23. Two drugs were given to two groups of randomly assigned 60 and 40 patients, respectively, to cure the same disease. The following table gives infor— mation about the number of patients who were cured and not cured by each of the two drugs. Cured Not Cured Drug I 44 16 5 9 Drug II 18 22 ’1‘0 What is the value of the goodness of fit statistic that tests whether the two drugs are performing in the same way in curing and not curing the patients? a) It is in [0,1] b) It is in (12] x19 l- C) It is ill (2,5] . aaleal’or J®tisin (5,101 ’ ”’W A,” e) None of the above. LSy ” ...
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