Chem 14BL - CPR Assignment II

Chem 14BL - CPR Assignment II - In studying the resources...

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Unformatted text preview: In studying the resources and writing your text consider the issues raised by the following questions: 1. What is homeostasis? 2. What is acidosis? 3. What is a buffer and how does it work? 4. What equilibrium reactions are involved in the carbonic acid/bicarbonate buffer system? 5. What are the metabolic and physiological processes that increase the concentration of protons and carbon dioxide in the blood during exercise? 6. How does the carbonic acid/bicarbonate buffer system respond to the stress? 7. What other pathways does the body use to remove excess protons, carbon dioxide or bicarbonate from the blood, and what effect do each of these pathways have on the pH of the blood? Write a paragraph of the required length on how the bicarbonate system maintains homeostasis in the blood system. In your paragraph be sure to address the issues in the Guiding Questions. Remember that you are writing a paragraph, not just answering a list of questions, so you should include a topic sentence and a...
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