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[ Print View ] PHYS 2212 G/H Spring 2008 MP04a Due at 9:00am on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 View Grading Details This assignment will receive a 30% bonus if it is completed before 9:00 AM, Wednesday, January 30. Calculating Electric Flux through a Disk Suppose a disk with area is placed in a uniform electric field of magnitude . The disk is oriented so that the vector normal to its surface, , makes an angle with the electric field, as shown in the figure. Part A What is the electric flux through the surface of the disk that is facing right (the normal vector to this surface is shown in the figure)? Assume that the presence of the disk does not interfere with the electric field. Hint A.1 Definition of electric flux Hint not displayed Hint A.2 Simplifying the integrand Hint not displayed Part A.3 Evaluate the scalar product Part not displayed Express your answer in terms of , , and ANSWER: = Calculating Flux for Hemispheres of Different Radii Learning Goal: To understand the definition of electric flux, and how to calculate it. Flux is the amount of a vector field that "flows" through a surface. We now discuss the electric flux through a surface (a quantity needed in Gauss's law): , where is the flux through a surface with differential area element , and is the electric field in which the surface lies. There are several important points to consider in this expression: 1. It is an integral over a surface, involving the electric field at the surface. 2. is a vector with magnitude equal to the area of an infinitesmal surface element and pointing in a direction normal (and usually outward) to the infinitesmal surface element. 3. The scalar (dot) product
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MP04a - [ Print View ] PHYS 2212 G/H Spring 2008 MP04a Due...

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