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Answer these quesTons in a minimum of two substanTve paragraphs totaling 300 words, completely and fully for full credit. Source credits and the required Reference list a±ached at the end of each answer do no count toward its word length. Answers are to be based on the course textbook and outside academic sources (excluding other course textbooks, encyclopedias such as Encarte and Wikipedia, and type websites that synthesize source informaTon for users, magazines, news websites, blogs, etc.). 1. Describe the recent Fnds on the "Nature-Nurture Controversy." How do evoluTonary theory (evoluTonary biology and evoluTonary psychology) and the study of geneTcs Ft in to this discussion? What are the implicaTons for the biopsychologist? And Fnally, is there a controversy at all? 2. Describe the process of acTon potenTal conducTon and neurotransmission from one neuron to another, both electrically (including saltatory conducTon) and chemically. Describe how a cell
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