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Chicano Studies 10A (Lecture 9) 11.01.06 Emergence of a high culture and low culture When you force another ethnic group to move to a new country because of slavery, you make them deprived of their culture and traditions Indian culture wasn’t totally destroyed by Hernan Cortes and the Spaniards. The existing Chicano culture before the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe: Missions Haciendas Californios Nuevo Mexicanos Chicano and Mexican culture based on expressions Gender is also a way of seeing history, is a mode of analysis. Gender based on the second conquest Rape is a form of asserting power. Marriage is a form of one power dominating another. How did patriarchy play a role prior to the second conquest? The don is the head rancher. He was the man. He receives full submission from his wife and children. He was the guy in charge. Through arranged marriages, they gave away their children. Daughters were released and when they marriage another man from a family, she was usually
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