75 ms 3 if a fighter jet pilot turns in a flat

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Unformatted text preview: m/s D) 6.50 m/s E) 8.75 m/s 3) If a fighter jet pilot turns in a flat (horizontal) turn with more than 6.0gs of acceleration, the pilot will black out because the blood that needs to go to his brain cannot accelerate enough to get to the brain. At 1000 m/s (about Mach 2.9), what is the smallest radius of curvature turn a pilot could make without blacking out? A) 298 m B) 58.2 m C) 823 m D) 17.0 km E) 1.56 km --------Tear here and submit strip along with the scantron card. Follow TA instructions------Name____________________________________________Code-Number___________________ Phys 2A Quiz Four Test Version A1 UCSD Physics 2A Winter 2008 Instructor : Vivek Sharma Figure B 4) A projectile is fired at time t = 0.0s, from point 0 at the edge of a cliff, with initial veloc...
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