Chicano Studies 10A - Lecture 8 102506

Chicano Studies 10A - Lecture 8 102506 - The gold rush...

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Chicano Studies 10A (Lecture 8) 10.25.06 It wasn’t just the land that was being taken over, but it was also the land. There were 3 options for some people 1. Return to Mexican 2. Maintain Mexican citizenship and reside in the United States 3. Renounce Mexican citizenship and become United States citizens Liberty and Peace were given to Mexican citizens because of the Hidalgo Treaty in Article 9. However, there were already prejudice in the United States for Mexicans.
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Unformatted text preview: The gold rush brought many migrants as well as many immigrants to California. Young men were the ones that had the larger number of people during the gold rush. Foreigners Mine Tax Law: Foreigners had to pay a fee at SF port to get into the mining area, and pay a fee to dig for gold in them mining area. Racism is merely an excuse to start a conflict. Two major consequences of Political impotence Economic subordination Where are the Latinos?...
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