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CIVIL 412 FC CONTINUED THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND FIRST SEMESTER, 2001 Campus: CITY CIVIL ENGINEERING Applied Structural Mechanics (Time allowed: TWO hours) NOTE: Answer Question 1 and any TWO others. Question 1 is worth 15 marks, other questions are each worth 25 marks. Some FORMULAS are provided on the last page 1. For each of the parts (a) to (f) of this question, write down the letter of the part followed by whichever of the numbers (i) to (iv) you think best describes the correct answer. Correct Answer = 2.5 marks Wrong or no answer = 0 marks (a) A two-storey building has a modal matrix - = Φ 0 . 1 0 . 1 0 . 1 5 . 0 . If, at a particular instant the modal amplitudes are = 02 . 0 25 . 0 2 1 Y Y , then the corresponding floor displacements, 2 1 u u are given by: (i) - 16 . 0 18 . 0 (ii) - 23 . 0 145 . 0 (iii) 27 . 0 105 . 0 (iv) None of the above
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- 2 - CIVIL 412 FC CONTINUED (b) The response of a structure to ground motion can NOT be calculated by the mode superposition method when (i) The modes are orthogonal. (ii) Rayleigh’s method has been applied (iii) The response spectrum is not known. (iv) The structure yields as a result of the displacements caused by the ground motion (c) Concentrically braced frames are (i) Ideal for seismic resistance because their high stiffness minimises p-delta effects (ii) Potentially dangerous in seismic zones because they may form soft storey mechanisms if the braces yield (iii) Safe in seismic zones provided tension-only braces are used (iv) Likely to fail under seismic loading because they are unable to form energy- dissipating plastic hinges (d) The reason for transforming the equations of motion of a dynamic system to normal
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