Homework6 - relative acceleration 3 You are asked by the...

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CEE511 – Structural Dynamics Winter Semester 2005-2006 Homework #6 (Due March 13, 2006) Single Degree of Freedom Systems – Numerical Integration and Response Spectra 1. Chopra Problem 5.1 2. Consider the response of the Ann Arbor water tower to the following ground motion: Ann Arbor w = 386.4 kips k = 100 kips/in t u g 0.1 sec 0.2 sec 0.3 sec 0.4 sec g -g u g Not knowing precisely the damping properties of the tower, you guess the damping ratio of the system is approximately 5%. Analyze the response of the structure using the Newmark – Average Acceleration method. A MATLAB script and function are provided on the class website to help get you started with this project. Discretize the ground motion with a time step of 0.1 second and consider the response for a total time duration of 5 seconds. Plot the final response of the structural system (relative displacement of the tower with respect to the ground, relative velocity and
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Unformatted text preview: relative acceleration). 3. You are asked by the local ASCE professional chapter to devise seismic response spectras for inclusion in the local structural design codes. Assuming the ground motion provided in the previous problem is a very common ground motion for the Ann Arbor area (essentially the 1,000 year seismic event – very rare), please find a SDOF Response Spectra (maximum relative displacement versus natural frequency) for the following damping ratio: (a) ξ = 0.05 Again, to discretize the ground motion, take your time step to be 0.1 second and the total time duration as 5 seconds. When plotting the response spectra, please ensure your axes are log-log and find the curve for f = 0.2 to 4 Hz in increments of 0.1 Hz....
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Homework6 - relative acceleration 3 You are asked by the...

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