Homework4 - CEE511 Structural Dynamics Winter Semester...

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CEE511 – Structural Dynamics Winter Semester 2005-2006 Homework #4 (Due February 20, 2006) Single Degree of Freedom Systems – Harmonic Excitations 1. Chopra Problem 3.5 2. Chopra Problem 3.6 3. Chopra Problem 3.11 4. You are hired by the City of Los Angeles to analyze the integrity of a simple frame structure located in close proximity to a branch of the San Andreas fault which has historically emitted near perfect harmonic ground excitations when ruptured. After consulting with a local geologist, she tells you that for the next earthquake, you should consider the following three ground acceleration functions as possible: a g (t) = 20sin5t (the units are in/sec 2 ) a g (t) = 5 sin10t a g (t) = 10sin10t The structure is a heavy fat concrete slab supported by 4 steel beams at its corners. The stiffness of each column is determined to be 25 kips/in while the concrete slab is analytically determined to be 1 kip-sec/in 2 : u(t) m= 1 kip sec/in 2 Steel Column Drywall Partition The drywall is placed within the frame to separate the vast upon spaces of the structure. While its placement is not intended to add strength to the frame structure in resisting the
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Homework4 - CEE511 Structural Dynamics Winter Semester...

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