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Handley 1 Jarod Handley Mr. Rucker English 110 6 December 2007 Optimism Growing up, every person has their favorite childhood memories . It could be hitting a game winning homerun in a little league game , playing aimlessly in the sandbox for hours, or going on a family vacation . Jarod Handley has many of these same memories, but nearly all of his favorite memories include spending hours helping out grandpa . His father was not a handy- man by any stretch of the imagination , so his mom always teased that grandpa would have to teach him the ins and outs of fixing things . It wasn’t too long before he would be underneath the car right alongside grandpa while he changed the oil , or followed closely behind the lawnmower with his plastic toy replica . They became more than just grandpa and grandson, they were friends . Jarod’s mother worked at an upholstery shop just up the road with his uncle Dale . Every day while mom was at work, Jarod would play . This is a childhood situation that anyone would be jealous about . He was living the good life. Home-cooked meals every day, no responsibility, and just hanging out hearing stories of the depression and World War II . At one O’clock Grandpa Otto would sit in his chair , and Jarod would sit in Grandma’s chair while she slaved in the kitchen preparing dinner and cleaning up from lunch . Otto watched his “program” intently while Jarod napped in anticipation for the afternoon’s work . After the relaxing time, it was time
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Handley 2 to go work in the garden . It was a garden that many would envy and gawk at throughout the neighborhood . Luscious tomatoes, zucchini the size of your arm, rhubarb for delicious pies, and potatoes grew spring through fall . Jarod’s favorite time in the garden was digging up potatoes.
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Optimism - Handley 1 Jarod Handley Mr Rucker English 110 6...

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