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Handley 1 Jarod Handley History 122 Dr. McIntyre 5 December 2007 My Lai Massacre The Vietnam War was a time where many were confused about what we were fighting about, and why we were involved in the crisis . America is the type of country that doesn’t just try to spread their own good throughout the world . America also tries to stop evil from advancing into leaders of countries . The Communist leader Ho Chi Minh was a communist leader who tried to take over Vietnam at a time when the country was at its very low . American leaders knew of the evils that were spreading and decided to take action against it. March 16 th , 1968 , was a day that many American’s thought they were spreading the goods of America, but the day took a turn for the worst . Confusion, miscommunication, and bad leadership led to the massacre that occurred . Many innocents were killed at the hands of Americans and it is a day that will live in infamy forever . It is unclear to me and to many others why the death of innocent civilians happened that day, but the actions were covered up immediately by officials that ran the operation . It was released that the mission was a complete success . A press release by Jay A. Roberts on March 17 th , 1968 stated “The Combat assault went like clockwork .” (document 1, pg 264). This document may have been the initial plan , what the top authorities actually thought happened, or
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Handley 2 it could be a complete lie . It is stated that everything thing happened as planned, and that men performed their duties quickly and efficiently . The press release gives the names of commanders who led the attack and boldly took credit for a job well done , while deceiving all of America in the process . After the tragic event many of the soldiers involved started to speak of what actually
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My Lai - Handley 1 Jarod Handley History 122 Dr McIntyre 5...

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