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songs to know - EXAM #3 SONGS TO KNOW "All You Need is...

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EXAM #3 SONGS TO KNOW - “All You Need is Love” Recorded for the “Our World” televised show A 4-track song 5 orchestra pieces all put together by George Martin: 1 The song opens with “La Marseillaise” aka the anthem of the French Revolution- over dubbed with Ringo drums for album recording Middle parts: “Greensleeves” “She Loves You” by the Beatles “Brandenburg Concerto” by Bach 2 The song closed with Orchestra playing “In the Mood” this is the one that really got them in trouble because George Martin figured that the man had been dead long enough that they would be allowed to use this song without asking…he was wrong and had to pay an unknown sum of money to repent for this offense - “Baby, You’re A Rich Man” This song was written about Brain Epstein (and all of his “brown bag money” as he called it) John Lennon plays a claviolen (it sounded like an Obo) - “All Together Now” was recorded with the others but placed on the Yellow Submarine album instead it is known for repeating to the title of the song over 50 times in the lyrics used a car horn (aka Klaxon{think of Exon, like gas for cars to remember car horn) as a sound effect in the song. - “I am the Walrus” Inspired by the author of Alice and Wonderland, Lewis Carroll The end sounds like “everybody smoke pot” but it does not really say this - “Hey Bulldog” Song ends with John having a conversation with himself Song has a great guitar solo - “The Inner Light” Working title was “untitled” Written by George Harrison
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- “Norweigan Wood” Lyrics were actually about all the hundreds of affairs John had had while with Cynthia. -
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songs to know - EXAM #3 SONGS TO KNOW "All You Need is...

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