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RECR200 research paper - Kyle Preston April 1 2008 Research...

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Kyle Preston April 1, 2008 Research Paper Professor Eldredge Virtual technology is quickly becoming one of the most popular means of recreation in the industry, and it is proving to be a new and useful tool in therapeutic recreation as well. Throughout this paper, Virtual reality is discussed showing how it’s technology can help individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, entertain masses of people through television and recreation, and how it can teach soldiers skills and responsibilities needed in combat situations through simulation. “Virtual environments provide patients with safe access to interactive, true to life situations that would otherwise be inaccessible to them due to motor, cognitive and psychological limitations” (Weiss, & Bialik, & Kizony 2003, Para. 1). Psychological limitations such as a phobia can keep individuals from doing an activity because of fear. This irrational fear stuns the person in a shock like state disallowing them from performing some of the most menial of tasks. Virtual technology however is becoming one of the preferred methods of alleviating phobias. The patient is placed in a virtual reality booth and is subjected to things that they are scared of while remaining in a safe environment. The virtual reality is so lifelike that many of the participants start to get over their fears in a relatively fast amount of time. “Like systematic desensitization therapy, VRT can provide stimuli for patients who have difficulty in imagining scenes and/or are too phobic to experience real situations.” ( North M,M , North S,M , Coble J,R 1998) This could be the link in taking
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RECR200 research paper - Kyle Preston April 1 2008 Research...

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