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Bring: - Cellphones and Sharing for Jenn - 1. Picking a topic. Around the room, fitting under general field, anything that helped you? a. First the general field within the major (p.12) 2. What else did you find as helpful suggestions? a. Pick a topic you care about (p.11) b. Look over the courses you have taken and will take (p.13). c. Look over papers you have written; think about how papers you will write might fit in (p.14). d. Manila folder or box; computer file or program; for your ideas, throw things in there (p.15). e. Talk to others. f. Get advice from other profs. g. Jot down 3 ideas rather than one (pp.23-4) h. From specifics to a theme (p.24) i. Do some work every day (p.26): Some people may need Chapter 13 on work habits; some may need Chapter 14 on problems. j. Model your thesis on an article in your field (AA or AE) (p.27). 3. Doing a project without going to the field. a. As if you could, pre-stage.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Reading everything you can. c. Finding out what people think about that i. Why are they—and you—interested? ii. What are the initial conceptions and misconceptions? 4. Building a reading list. Good advice? a. Look for review articles (p.29). b. Get a list. c. Examine footnotes and bibliographies (p.30). d. Look at call numbers and browse in that area (p.33). e. Look at anthropological databases, like AnthroSource. f. Do not pay for articles. i. Library access database. ii. Ask me. iii. Inter-Library Loan (should be done early for materials you will need) 5. Has anyone seen thesis presentations? 6. Has anyone seen a completed thesis? a. Bring in a couple. 7. Imagine a successful outcome a. Presentation, answering questions, wow/cheers b. A bound volume dissertation c. Thesis proposal on website 8. Confirm individual time, weekly report by 12pm....
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