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Class 02 - BestWorst

Class 02 - BestWorst - -What kind of people or ideas appear...

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What is the best thing that you have done so far in order to hone your topic or get sources? What is the worst thing (something you thought might have been good but didn’t pan out)? Bolded paragraph at end of proposal. At top or bottom of your sources. Read first four chapters of BA Thesis , especially chapter 4 and p.77. Style guide: Characters and Actions
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Unformatted text preview: -What kind of people or ideas appear in my thesis?-What are the main actions I am looking at? Going forward:-what is your research going to be?-Write a research plan o Who should I interview and why? Who can I interview? o What would I ask them? o Who are my main authors and why? o What questions do I have for them when I read their material?...
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