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Thesis topic: Good/Bad news: What is my thesis about is in a constant process of change. You will not be able to nail this down once and for all. Whole books that are re-conceptualized after they are written. Narrowing – Expanding Read extensively, p.90. Need to know your topic Peripheral issues around your topic - Geography (Ghana, sub-saharan Africa) - Related situations (marijuana, heroin) - Previous history (gambling, Native American traditions)
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Unformatted text preview: -Related fields (Egyptian archaeology, military history) Take notes. Bibliography generally, annotated biblio. Bad news: not everything you read is going to be in your work. 10% of the material you collect in fieldwork ends up in your dissertation. Same with this in terms of reading. Writing a research plan: modify syllabus. Be very specific. Plans will change (96), but if you can do this, then changes will be incorporated....
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