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Paper 1, Brad Keating, 0114 - Brad Keating GVPT170 Native...

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Brad Keating Native Son GVPT170 Topic 2 Throughout Native Son, control is concentrated within the white community, adversely affecting the individual liberties of all, and most specifically the blacks. The whites are an overwhelming force that administrates where the blacks live, where they work, and what they can do. Blacks are not viewed as individuals by the white community, as whites fail to see their inherent humanity. As a result of this oppression, any sense of individualism for blacks is replaced by anger, fear and frustration. It is inevitable that blacks like Bigger assert their individualism, regrettably this appears in the form of violence and crime more often than not. Without access to a system that supports progress and individualism, failure and disorder is inevitable. Whites in Chicago and in cities and communities throughout the country regulated the everyday lives of blacks. White landlords like Mr. Dalton refused to allow blacks to rent apartments and homes in white neighborhoods. As a result, many black areas became highly populated, which in turn led to higher rental rates. Blacks like Bigger were forced to live in apartments that were extremely overcrowded, decrepit and expensive. They were not given the personal liberties that whites were, which allowed them a sense of individualism and freedom. Bigger " 'wanted to be an aviator once. But they wouldn't let [him] go to the school where [he] was suppose' to learn it. They built a big school and then drew a line around it and said that nobody could go to it but those who lived in the line. That kept all the colored boys out' ". (353)
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Paper 1, Brad Keating, 0114 - Brad Keating GVPT170 Native...

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