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Paper3, Brad Keating, 0114 - Brad Keating GVPT170 Political...

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Brad Keating Political Socialization GVPT170 April 10, 2008 Throughout our lives the people we interact with, the things we see, hear and read determine our opinions on the political system and our own political values. Family plays a particularly key role in determining our political makeup as they are our initial influence. The family’s influence over one’s political identity seems to be lessening as evolving as technology has allowed people a larger base of from which to communicate and interact with. Today the world is much larger than the world which Bigger Thomas interacted in. In Wright’s Native Son he was subject to a smaller set of influencing factors. Bigger drew information regarding politics from his family and friends, the media, and the community. Political socialization represents the way in which people come to learn and form opinions about politics and government, and then determine political values. This process involves learning and being informed about the political process, party values, current and past candidates and elected officials. Establishing political values entails deciding what issues they care about, their opinions on key topics and issues and for many identifying with a political party. There are numerous factors and agents, from one’s family and peers to educational institutions and the media, which play a role in this course. The family represents one’s first impression of politics and the political system. Children and young adults over hear casual remarks and debate and read, watch and
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Paper3, Brad Keating, 0114 - Brad Keating GVPT170 Political...

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