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Brad Keating Evaluating Congress GVPT 170 With intent, the framers of the constitution did not describe the particular duties and responsibilities of members of congress, furthermore their roles are constantly evolving to account for changes in government operations and the needs of the people. Congress members have a responsibility to represent their district or state, and advocate for their needs. It is also their duty to participate in the drafting and introducing of legislation, and to eventually vote according to varying interests and their best judgment. Members of congress also have obligations to participate in political and electoral activities. As with any decision making body their is obvious conflict, as members are asked to represent various groups. Though the makeup of congress has changed the activities of modern congress are characteristic of the goals of the founders of the constitution. Members of congress are elected to serve as representation of their particular district or state. They must represent and advocate for the interests of their constituents, yet also take into account the views and needs of the nation as a whole. It is necessary for representatives and senators to investigate the potential impact of any legislation on the area they represent. As the views of constituents may vary from issue to issue, members must use their best judgment when making decisions or voting on legislation. With the responsibility to act for the people comes the assignment to serve and educate the people. This involves reaching out to people and organizations within the area they represent to gauge needs and concerns. Members must also present information regarding the activities of government and encourage participation in public affairs and policy issues. Newsletters, mailings, web-sites, and media involvement have become important ways of communication between officials and the people. Many individuals, organizations, and local governments require members assistance for obtaining federal grants
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and benefits; it is the job of the congressman to advocate for them. Oversight regarding the
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Paper2, Brad Keating, 0114 - Brad Keating Congress GVPT 170...

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