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Industrial Agriculture - Jessica Torres Industrial...

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Jessica Torres Industrial Agriculture The age of the Internet provides students with an incredibly useful and powerful tool for researching. Wikipedia has become a front-runner for seeking information online and is considered by some to be a better alternative for research, in comparison to textbooks. The nature of Wikipedia allows anyone to edit the sites and add or remove information, which results in a particular susceptibility to bias in articles. This aspect of the site is the ground for debate over its validity as a source of information. Those who question Wikipedia’s usefulness claim that textbooks provide a more comprehensive account of historical events. Textbooks are better at tying together themes in a broader context and fitting topics into more of a historical story line. However, Wikipedia pages tend to delve deeper to provide a more detailed analysis of the subject at hand. Since Wikipedia is open to editing at any time, its information is more current and often covers current issues related to the topic. Both mediums have their relative strengths and weaknesses and the decision to use one source over the other depends heavily on the specific question one is trying to answer. As with any subject, the more resources one uses, the more informed one is on that subject so optimal learning occurs by the combination of textbooks and Wikipedia. When reading the wiki-pages on industrial agriculture and factory farming I notice a few running themes throughout the articles. Neither page was particularly long, but I feel that each gave an apt overview of industrial agriculture. The industrial agriculture page begins with a brief summary of the birth of the agricultural revolution. I feel that this section is lacking. Wikipedia mentions that industrial agriculture was a part
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Industrial Agriculture - Jessica Torres Industrial...

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