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How to Attain Salvation - Dante

How to Attain Salvation - Dante - April Stamm 13-Mar-08...

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April Stamm 13-Mar-08 Journal Entry In Dante’s Divine Comedy the character Virgil is reason. Reason, or Virgil depending on how you read the story, is Dante’s guide to salvation. This guide, whether the character Virgil or the concept of reason that he represents is still how Dante expects to navigate through the depths of hell and find his way to the gates of heaven, where he will find his salvation. On that same level that reason is Dante’s guide we find that he must accept his sins and suffer the punishments before he can attain forgiveness. This process is represented by Dante and Virgil’s trip through hell and back up to near the gates to heaven. Virgil informs Dante that before they can climb the hill, which was guarded by a leopard, a lion and a she-wolf, that they must take an alternate route. They must first pass through the place of eternal punishment, in other words Hell, and then of lesser punishment which would be Purgatory. This is the only way that they can then reach Heaven.
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