Forgiveness in the Tempest

Forgiveness in the Tempest - April Stamm May 5, 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: April Stamm May 5, 2008 Journal Prospero, in some ways, appears to forgive everyone very easily and quickly in the end; however, Im not sure I really believe that he has found this emotion in his heart. Instead I feel like Prospero is gaining far more by forgiving the company and by giving up his magic. On this island he commands over three people (Miranda, Ariel and Caliban), and when he leaves to return as Duke, he has far more worldly power. Furthermore, I feel like he is realizing that he would rather have this worldly power than the magical power that he is giving up in its favor. This change in power reflects his most obvious change. In the beginning we hear the story of how he was overthrown, in which he desires this otherworldly power that he has obtained more than even his position of power as a Duke. He lost power originally when he dedicated so much time to studies that he neglected the worldly power that he already had gained. He makes a full circle when it comes to this priority in his life, and therefore had to give gained....
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Forgiveness in the Tempest - April Stamm May 5, 2008...

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