Luther - that we have a freedom in our religious observance...

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April Stamm 12-Apr-08 Journal – Luther Luther refers first to the most extreme Christians, who force themselves into fasting until it is almost too much and take every ceremony to the extreme in order to achieve salvation. Then he speaks later of those who are too weak in their faith. He says that it is not good to follow either of these groups. You must take a middle ground, where you are neither weak in faith nor live by the strict practices set forth by the church. The practices of the church do not lead you directly into salvation. Luther first mentions the middle ground when he quotes Apostle Paul who bids us to take a middle course of action and condemns both the extremes. He guides us not to disparage the ceremonies which they are against, because that too is against the will. He says that we need to respect the traditions and ceremonies of the church, yet that we still must not follow them blindly in these practices. He doesn’t so much imply that we should find a balance in our lives but rather
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Unformatted text preview: that we have a freedom in our religious observance that we must balance the use of. We must be careful who we use this freedom around and in what ways we use our religious freedom. The thing that I am having a hard time tying in is where he says, Such were the Jews of old, who were unwilling to learn how to do good. These he must resist, do the very opposite, and offend them boldly lest by their impious views they drag many with them into error. He then says that we must also take care not to offend the simple-minded Christians, who from my point of view would be making the major offenses. He says that it is not by any fault of theirs that they are weak in their faith, instead it is their pastors fault. By this reason should it not be the fault of the Jewish leaders that their followers are weak in faith and therefore to insult them would be along the same lines of insulting the weak Christian follower?...
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Luther - that we have a freedom in our religious observance...

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