Free Will in Augustine

Free Will in Augustine - April Stamm 28-Jan-08 Journal...

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April Stamm 28-Jan-08 Journal Entry Free will in Augustine’s Confessions is more of an abstract knowledge that God controls some form of human fate. Despite being destined for a specific purpose; however, he realizes that humans have free will and thus can choose their path in life. He speaks a great deal in book eight, particularly near the beginning, of delaying his true dedication to the Christian fate. He realizes that, “You too, merciful Father, rejoice more over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine souls that are justified and have no need for repentance.” This being a group that he contains himself within, and he even goes so far as to give excuses for why he is having difficulty giving up these pleasures that lead to his ultimate fate, “The devil has a firmer hold on men in high places because of their pride in their rank, and through them he keeps hold on many more because of the influence they wield.” He further says that every person has the will to do things, however his actions were not coming from himself but rather the sinful principle that dwells within him, because he is a son of Adam. Further on the idea that humans may have free will, but are corrupted, or destined to sin,
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Free Will in Augustine - April Stamm 28-Jan-08 Journal...

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