Tempest 1 - April Stamm May 2 2008 Journal The Tempest This setting leads Gonzalo to his quotation of"On Cannibalism where he more or less

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April Stamm May 2, 2008 Journal – The Tempest This setting leads Gonzalo to his quotation of “On Cannibalism” where he more or less indicates the status on the island - specifically with respect to elevation of position. He makes it clear that, “admit no name of magistrate; Letters should not be known; riches, poverty and use of service, none.” I take this to mean that while they are trapped on this island they will recognize none of the typical leadership roles, which would lead them to a sort of free for all. By placing this quotation in the middle of the location he is twisting it into a defiance of authority; not at all what I saw with Montaigne. This far off location, not similar to the pastoral setting to which Montaigne was referring, is causing it to be used to declare rebellion at the most extreme and at the least a form of freedom for all. Although we come to know that this story is not at all about freedom.
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