HIST 226 5 - Only businesses should look out for their...

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Dr. Carney HIST 226 4/15/08 Exam 3 Ku Klux Klan Dislikes Catholics Don't like change Progressivism Women's suffrage Works the electorate Many Klans-men in Congress 1927 – Felix Robertson elected Dan Moody Youngest Texas Governor (33) Had a troublesome terms 1920's was a bad time economically Great Depression (been around for ten years before 1929) Banks begin to have problems in 1923 Farmers making large loans Farming problems Cotton Big Industry in the United States began to close down in 1926-1928 Cars Construction Urbanization Roads Hotels Tall buildings Fall 1929 – Depression at its lowest The Great Depression and Texas Dallas construction economy collapses Unemployment problem Houston 23% unemployment Austin Many people were able to keep their jobs since it was the capitol Drought Beef market collapses Oil and Gass isn't enough to support Texas economy Herbert Hoover President during this time His philosophy is that the Federal Government should be an impartial referee of business
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Unformatted text preview: Only businesses should look out for their employees No 'hand-outs' Ross Sterling Texas Governor Very similar to Hoover on the basic issues Never been able to manage oil and cotton By 1930, oil is being overproduced Many people are only thinking short-term Ross Sterling vs. Mal Fergusen 1932 Governor Election Mal wins Roosevelt becomes the President 1933 Much more active Focuses on the major industries that are suffering Banking System Agriculture AAA Set up to help farmers CCC Set up to help families and creates government projects WPA Largest program Buildings Schools Post Offices Art Projects 1938 William Pappy Lee O'Daniel Becomes popular because of the radio His platform was The Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule Wins 97% of votes...
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HIST 226 5 - Only businesses should look out for their...

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