a2Spr04 - ~1.'J,IS'fA. CHEMISTRY 322a~ si;Q.L I r/t2.- ~...

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~1.'J,IS'fA. I r/t2.- ~~ CHEMISTRY 322a~ si; Q.L "prii Hi, iOOiF SPRING 2004 3. (12) _ T.A " _ TOTAL (38) __ This test comprises this sheet If told to limit t~ number of words in an answer., DO SO. t-k~ and ~ numbered pages. Also, deduction if any pazt; of an answer is non-responsive .t. .Q ~ question. Ii '1] TillJLs be 3JpjJ .81s i.-liiI j e •.- Tn .... Jil;> iii. effie!: AauL 15'" -sJiPL 2' 2£, aile if !1 su iF j ad .1 •••8 FIll1 ,p lse pat oaL &1\ the BLady ROGal by hOOh F, "pI 38. Mis te15t15 F di!!tluL it!! the Study ](00[[[ 01 01. Elleiil S offli'li; p; J 1 iVe .. il. iii JJl suL Oil ilia) +1.
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-- 1. (7) (a) (3) Regarding the prep ~f'm~thy,pentenes ~r~m ~::hYl-~~ pentanol, (CH3)2CHCH2CH(OH)CH3' and aq H 2S0 4: Use of 70% rather than 60% H 2S04 results in a lower total yield of meth- ylpentenes. Tell in <17 words whether this results from longer or shorter carbocation lifetime, and why. ZERO for question if say anything about alkene mixture composition. L.5:!. .."'fJ~ (ifefl~ jtA u r -b o c d l l' l4 7 o i o] i,: .... /~ f-.'~ ~ ~cf (t n ell ] W,'r£ l- M.eN~. (b) (4) Write a minimum path mechanism for the isomerization of 4- methyl- 2 -pentene, (CH 3) 2CHCH=CHCH3' to 2-Me- 2 -pentene, (CH3)2C=CHCH2CH3 Show each bond-breaking and bond-making step separately;
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a2Spr04 - ~1.'J,IS'fA. CHEMISTRY 322a~ si;Q.L I r/t2.- ~...

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