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Final Exam Study Guide, Spring 2008 POLI 231 IN WORLD POLITICS Instructions This series of questions will prepare you for the final exam, on Thursday, May 1 at 4:00pm. I encourage you to think about these questions and to prepare an outline to help you study for the exam. Question 1. Imagine you are the U.S. Drug Czar and you possess an unlimited budget. Your success depends on successful planning, implementation, and execution of a new drug policy. What is the main goal of your drug policy? Relate your goal to one or more of the analytical perspectives from the Mares reading (social deviance, rational choice, constructivism, realism) and the assumptions they/you make regarding human behavior. Your answer should clearly lay out what you think the major goal of U.S. policy should be and why. 2. Regarding your answer to the first question, what specific measures would you propose and why? Provide three specific policy measures and
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Unformatted text preview: relate them to the Psycho-Active Substance Commodity System that Mares outlines. At least one of your policy measures should involve U.S. policy towards one or more Latin American countries. Excellent answers will be explicit. 3. Consider the four dimensions of Schoultzs realist-culturalist theory of U.S. Foreign Policy towards Latin America. Does it provide a useful understanding of the challenges to passing comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S.? What are the theorys strengths and weaknesses in this regard? It may be useful, but not necessary, to review the bills currently under consideration. One user-friendly source is the document Immigration Legislation Pending.pdf available on Blackboard under the second Assignments tab as well as information from the following website . 1...
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