m2 Social problems

m2 Social problems - • Root Causes • Social Class •...

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Death Penalty Marc’s Notes Who is on death row, blacks are unperportional White men White victims Short Documentary on Gang Membership How difficult it was to escape the game Offered protection, forced to join the gang Lineage in the gang Unemployment—Black and Latino Men Domestic violence, black and latino men more likely to commit crime because of the situation they are living in Healthcare heath insurance in our country is connected to employment Findings of Kerner’s and President’s Crime Commission Reports 11/15 Need a more balanced and efficient criminal justice system “Wife beaters” Sports Violence in religion McKeever’s Juvenile Hall lecture 10/11 System needed more resources and better management
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Unformatted text preview: • Root Causes • Social Class • Should be abolished as a whole • Look at previous quiz questions Black Teenage Motherhood • Giving culture and poverty reasons • Don’t ignore the structural ones, economic, race, income, why are these things occurring in the black family • Why can’t they find jobs • Cycle of poverty theory/Conflict theory • Not that black families have different values and morals, they just struggle with different things that make it seem like that • Make sure to know Kaplan’s book on teenage pregnancy Innocence Project • Helps inmates clear their names, maturity wise inmates lapse because of the lost time • DNA Testing • Lots of stigma for have been going to prison...
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m2 Social problems - • Root Causes • Social Class •...

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