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Social Problems M1

Social Problems M1 - Cycle of poverty •(Rooted...

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Social Problems Review Exam Thursday at 11 AM at THH2 Materials Covered Glassner Skolnick Kaplan Friday Night Lights Lecture Notes* Conflict Theory 9/13 There are social inequalities Inequalities emerge because of social difference Cannot be overcome unless you restart society Marxist Theory, Competition based Functionalist Theory People serve a function in society Make examples what not to be, a.k.a. poor theory If you work hard, change values, you have a chance Culture of poverty Functionalist If they change their attitudes, they can escape poverty Looks at a groups own culture
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Unformatted text preview: Cycle of poverty • (Rooted) Slavery-Segregation-Poor Neighborhood Placement-poor living conditions-poor education • Certain social structures hold the race down • Actual component of cycle can change The Model Minority Concept 10/11 • The myth that all Asian Americans are successful in the upcoming world • Distinction between each Asian American is being ignored • Groups are neglected therefore • Ignore diversity=smaller groups lack sufficient government funding • Poverty in Chinatown Notes • Preferred labor pool • Tension The Thing Red Line Study...
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