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DISCUSSION NOTES - Sumner Billingsley Beatles DISCUSSION...

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Sumner Billingsley Beatles 1/18/2006 DISCUSSION NOTES: - Liverpool: Huge numbers of Irish immigrants in Liverpool, had a great influence on their thicker northern cockney accents It was a port town Badly affected by depression Trade with America brings rock records Paul and his brother Michael were both born during WWII - Paul’s Early Years A lot of the stuff Paul says in his book is not true. Many of the quotes in his book are things he is trying to remember from many years before. Paul’s family moves around a lot His mother works as a nurse/ midwife (she works 24 hours a day) however, her job ensured that the family had a house and a stable income (she made more money than Paul’s father) Paul meets George on the bus to Liverpool institute. Paul is 8 months older than George. Both really like rock Art school produced many rock stars (Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton) 1955 McCartney’s move to Forthlin Rd (Paul and John move in together, this is where they begin writing their first songs) Paul’s mother died from liver cancer, her death was very hard on Paul, since he had always been a momma’s boy - Paul’s Early Music: Paul’s father played trumpet/ piano Paul starts on trumpet/ piano 1. he took piano lessons (was the only Beatle to have taken professional lessons early on) switches to the guitar so he can sing - Paul and John: Paul meets John 8 months after his mother’s death, they become close friends in part because of their bonding over their absent parents (John’s mother abandoned him to live with aunt Mimi, Paul’s mother had just died) The two were introduced by Ivan Vaughan at Woolton Fete John and Paul write at Forthlin rd. They write at Paul’s house because his dad is away, and they could not write at John’s house because his Aunt Mimi forbid him to 1
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play rock and roll. Additionally aunt Mimi did not approve of John hanging out with Paul, who she believed to be a delinquent and a bad influence Paul taught John how to play the guitar modeled after Rogers and Hammerstein If they couldn’t remember the song that they had been playing the day before then they thought it was not worth continuing. - Quarry Men: Paul convinces John to let George into the Band (John did not want George in the band because he thought we was too young…eventually he give in) 1958 Julia Lennon killed by police car John starts drinking Stu (the hot guy at school, very attractive) he was an artist. He won a local art contest and was awarded 60 pounds reward. John convinces him to join the band and spend his money on buying a base guitar 1. prior to this Stu could not play a note 2. because Stu was renowned for having the same profile as James dean in every picture of the band Stu is always facing sideways, even when everyone else is facing the camera - The Casbah club: Pete Best’s mom set up the club in her basement giving them a constant place to play for people
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DISCUSSION NOTES - Sumner Billingsley Beatles DISCUSSION...

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