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Comparative Politics RESEARCH DESIGN ASSIGMENT Max Score: 40 pts In class we’ve examined the strengths and weaknesses of Michael Moore’s comparative study of gun violence. Write a short paper that describes and justifies a Most Similar or Most Different Systems Design (MSS or MDS) to test your own explanation for rates of gun-related homicide. (Note: This is a formal paper, so please use standard academic English and do not use the first person.) In your paper, explicitly address each of the following questions: Why? Why do you think rates of gun-related homicide vary from country to country? How do we establish the magnitude of this explanatory or independent variable? Potential sources for data on independent variables include our course World Bank Atlas, UCSB library resources such as the
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Unformatted text preview: World Development Indicators, or the on-line CIA World Factbook. Comparison? What country comparison would verify (or falsify) your explanation? What are the rates of gun-related homicide for each of your country cases? What factors are “controlled" through your comparison? How does each case score on your control variables? What conclusion does your MDS or MSS design suggest? Formatting Rules • Two pages plus comparison table • Typed, double spaced • MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Format (.doc or .pdf file) • Upload to Moodle by 21 April at 7 PM NO LATE PAPERS ACCEPTED! 1 of 2 Comparative Politics Comparison Table Case A (e.g., country) Case B Similar or Different? Dependent Variable Independent Variable Control Variables 2 of 2...
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cp_sa2 - World Development Indicators or the on-line CIA...

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