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Creating a Scatter Plot in Excel PS 6 – Spring 2008 Create the Scatter Plot 1. Input your data in two columns in Micrsoft Excel. The data for your independent variable should be on the left, the dependent variable on the right. 2. Use the mouse to select all of the values that you wish to plot. 3. Go to the menu and select “Insert->Chart” 4. Select “XY (Scatter)” and hit “OK” 5. The default setting is fine, hit “Next” 6. When prompted, input a Title for your plot.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. The label for your independent variable should be input at “Value (X) axis” 8. The label for your dependent variable should be input at “Value (Y) axis” 9. Hit Finish Add a Trend Line 1. Create your scatter plot as above 2. On the scatter plot itself, select the sequence that you wish to add a trend line for. 3. Right click on the selected points. 4. Click “Add Trend Line” 5. The default value of “linear” is fine. Hit “OK”....
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