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Page 1 UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI Lecture 4 Fracture UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI Introduction Fracture The separation of a body into pieces due to stress, at temperatures below the melting point. Steps in fracture: Crack formation Crack propagation 6/21/2014 8:56 PM FWN_UoN 2 Ship-cyclic loading from waves.
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Page 2 UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI Types of Fracture 4 types of fracture modes (i) Ductile fracture Occurs in metals in the plastic region Crack propagation is by parting of a slip plane from single slip or necking following multiple slip Crack is “stable ”: resists further extension unless applied stress is increased 6/21/2014 8:56 PM FWN_UoN 3 Typical Cup-and-Cone fracture in Al UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI 6/21/2014 8:56 PM FWN_UoN 4
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