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Review for Second Midterm Chapter 4 The Atmospheric Circulation System Atmospheric heating Troposphere and stratosphere Warm rising air Cloud formation Pressure gradients Coriolis Force Westerlies and Easterlies Seasons Sea breezes and land breezes Seasonal precipitation patterns Saturation vapor pressure Hurricanes Chapter 5 The Circulation of the Oceans Ocean heating Wind, Coriolis and surface gyres Salinity Thermohaline circulation Formation of deep ocean water (AKA bottom water) Upwelling and nutrients Poleward heat transport by ocean and atmosphere Chapter 7 Circulation of the Solid Earth: Plate Tectonics Sea floor spreading, the Earth’s magnetic field and polarity reversals
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Unformatted text preview: Age of the sea floor Crust, mantle, outer core and inner core Of what is the Earth made? Age of the Earth Average age of rocks and oldest rocks on the surface Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks Deep sea life Subduction, plate boundaries and earthquakes Convection in the mantle Weathering Chapter 8 Recycling of the Elements: The Carbon Cycle Sizes of carbon reservoirs Short term carbon cycle: plants Respiration and photosynthesis Moderate term carbon cycle: the ocean The biological pump Long term geologic regulation of carbon dioxide involving weathering Residence time of carbon in the various loops of the carbon cycle...
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  • term carbon cycle, Plate Tectonics Sea, Thermohaline circulation Formation, Pressure gradients Coriolis

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