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Psych 101, Spring 2008, Midterm 2 Page 1 of 6 ANSWER KEY SID:_____________________ GSI/SECTION:_____________________ You are allowed to use ONE PAGE of hand-written notes (both sides) for this exam. You are NOT allowed to work with others. Please WRITE CLEARLY ; if we are unable to read your answer we will mark it wrong. The exam is due at the end of class, and no late exams will be accepted. Requests for grade changes must be made to the Professor, in writing , within one week after the exams are returned. All such requests will result in the entire exam being regraded. There are 10 questions on this exam (numbered 1, 2, 3a-3e, 4-6), worth a total of 86 points. Read each question CAREFULLY, and be aware that many questions have more than one part. If the question requires any sort of calculation, to receive full credit you must show your work. (Use the space provided or the back of the page for calculations.) You might not be able to calculate the exact answer for some questions; in such cases just do the best that you can with the data provided. For multiple choice questions, simply circle the correct answer. 1. (8 points, < 10 sentences) Last year Sammy (who is in second grade) got a very low grade on the standardized test required of all students in his school district. As a result, he was placed into a remedial education class. This year his score on the standardized test improved. Why do you think this happened? Explain your answer. Sammy's improved score could reflect an actual improvement in his school work. On the other hand, it could also reflect regression toward the mean. Sammy was selected for remedial education because he obtained a low score on a standardized test. But perhaps last year's score was anomalously low, and this year's score more accurately represents his true score. This would be an example of regression toward the mean. 2 points for explaining that it could have been due to real learning (a real effect). 2 points for explaining that it could be due to regression-toward-the-mean. 4 points for explaining the concept of regression toward the mean. 2. (6 points, 3-4 sentences) The numerator of
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This note was uploaded on 05/06/2008 for the course PSYCH 101 taught by Professor Gallant during the Spring '08 term at Berkeley.

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101.Sp08.Exam2.KEY - Psych 101, Spring 2008, Midterm 2...

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