Test1 Review - COSC1415/COSC1436 Test 1 - Review Sheet for...

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COSC1415/COSC1436 Test 1 - Review Sheet for Chapters 1, 2, 3 and Value-Returning Functions You will need to bring a scantron sheet and a number 2 pencil . Some of your test will have some multiple choice questions as well as questions where you will be asked to determine exact output, find a result and write a little C++ code. The test will include concepts covered in class notes, class activities, class discussion, lab assignments, and the textbook. Topics covered on the test from Chapter 1 will vocabulary. More questions will come from Chapters 2 and 3. I am especially interested in knowing if you understand the concepts discussed and can apply what you have learned to new situations. Chapter 1 What are the main hardware components and their role in a computer system? What is the ASCII character set? Why is it important to us? What is the difference between source code and object code? What does a compiler do? What does a linker do? What is an algorithm? Chapter 2 What are the elements that we find in function main? Determine if a given identifier is valid or invalid. Identify data as character, integer, float/double or string. Distinguish between characters and strings. Distinguish between integers and float/double. What are the naming conventions we use in this class for variables and constants? Given an arithmetic expression, determine the result using: precedence of operators, integer division and float/double division, the modulus operator, casting. Be able to declare variables. Be able to declare constants. Given a segment of code, determine the values stored in the variables. What is a prompt? Why do you need one? Given a situation, write an appropriate prompt and input statement. Given a segment of code, determine exact output. What does the
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Test1 Review - COSC1415/COSC1436 Test 1 - Review Sheet for...

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