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Response Paper Guidelines-1

Response Paper Guidelines-1 - Phil 20 Introduction to Moral...

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Phil. 20: Introduction to Moral Philosophy Spring ’07-‘08 Tamar Schapiro RESPONSE PAPER GUIDELINES Requirement : You must turn in at least 5 1-page papers (approx. 300 words), each in response to a different reading assignment. Papers are due at the beginning of the class in which the reading to which you are responding is to be discussed . It is up to you which readings you want to write on. That is, you decide which days to turn in response papers. However reading response papers will not be accepted once the material being written about has been discussed in class. You can either bring in a paper copy to turn in to the TA in class, or you can email your paper to him/her as a Word document, rtf document, or pdf before class. If you do not turn in all 5 reading response papers on 5 different readings you will receive NO credit for this assignment. These papers are worth 10% of your grade. Thus, turning in 4 or less reading response papers will reduce your grade by a full letter (from A- to B-).
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