spiritworld - Is the Spirit World Real Do you know for sure...

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- 1 - Is the Spirit World Real? Do you know for sure whether there really is an evil spirit named Satan? What about his minions called demons? How does all of this affect young people? by Tom Clark In Western cultures today there is a growing fascination with the occult and Satanism, despite the traditional Christian teaching that Satan represents the consummate evil. Statistics show Satanism and Wicca to be among the fastest-growing religions in the United States today. Popular movies make it appear cool to be able to cast spells or call on powers that mere mortals do not possess. The Gothic culture calls to those who tend toward sadness or anger. The spirit world is clearly becoming more and more of a factor in our society. Teens today report that this is a big issue. Local high school students told me there are many openly Wiccan students at school, and that the number appears to be growing. There are also a number of students who are heavily involved in the Gothic culture and mentality, which for some includes a fascination with bondage and torture. One teen also mentioned how much easier it is to get caught up with the spirit world when drugs and alcohol are involved. A popular genre of music is referred to as “Gothic/Darkwave,” which one Web site describes as “a musical journey of sadness and anger.” There are also a growing number of movies focused on witchcraft, demonism and any number of “horror” themes. Books can be checked out of the public library on how to cast spells or how to be a witch. The Internet is a ready source of “how-to” information on any of these subjects. Add to this tarot cards, Ouija boards, palm readers, psychic hotlines and an abundance of both drugs and alcohol, and we have a picture of a growing percentage of youth today experimenting with the spirit world. At the same time a growing number of people deny that Satan, demons and a spirit world even exist. Many “enlightened” people today make statements like “I don’t believe in a personal Satan. Satan to me is more of a metaphor, and a scapegoat to take the blame for the evil deeds of man.” They believe Satan is simply a creation of the minds of men, a fantasy and nothing to take seriously. Satan is dismissed as a creation of “religion” to scare people into submission. So what is the big deal? Isn’t participating in Wicca or Gothic culture simply an expression of personal taste? Who are we to criticize personal choice? Aren’t these movies about witchcraft and demonism just “fantasy”? Surely we are mature
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spiritworld - Is the Spirit World Real Do you know for sure...

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