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SNES Course Requirements_04_10_08 - Science of Natural and...

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Last updated 04/11/08 Science of Natural and Environmental Systems (SNES) Requirements for the Major Note: Please be aware that many upper level courses have pre-requisites. Courses designed for non-science majors will not fulfill a requirement. If you are not sure, please check with your advisor. Foundation The following courses are required. Biology - 2 semesters Biology 1101 – 1110 (inclusive) Calculus - 2 semesters Math 1110, 1120, or 1910, 1920 Chemistry and Physics - 4 semesters (at least 1 semester of each); Chemistry 1560 (formerly 206) /2070 or 2080 (as a pre-req for CSS 3650) , 2150, 2160, 1570 (formerly 257) Physics 1101, 1102, and 1103 Statistics - 1 semester AEM 2100 (S), ILRST 2100 (S), Math 1710 (F/S), NtRes 3130 (F), or PAM 2100 (F), DEA 1500 - Introduction to Human-Environment Relationships (special discussion section for “Writing in the major”) (Spring) NTRES/SNES 1102 - Intro to the Science and Management of Environmental and Natural Resources (Fall) NTRES 2010 - Environmental Conservation (Spring) Environmental Core The following courses are required. Biotic Systems BIOEE 2610 Ecology and the Environment (Fall) Colloquium Series SNES 2000 Environmental Sciences Colloquium (required SO & SR years) (Fall) Earth Systems CSS 3650 Environmental Chemistry: Soil, Air and Water (Spring) Economic Systems AEM 2500 Environmental and Resource Economics (Fall) Social Systems DSOC 3240 Environment and Society (Fall & Spring) Concentrations Choose one of five concentrations . I. Environmental Agriculture II. Environmental Biology III. Environmental Economics IV. Environmental Information Science V. Sustainable Development I. Environmental Agriculture Choose one course from each group with at least two courses containing experimental work (*) . Group 1: Systems Course ANSC/CSS 4120 Whole-Farm Nutrient Management (Spring) BIOEE 4730 Ecology of Agricultural Systems (Fall) CSS/IARD 4140 Tropical Cropping Systems: Biodiversity, Social, and Environmental Impacts (Fall) HORT 4600 Cropping Systems Ecology (*) (Spring) NTRES 4800 Global Seminar: Building Sustainable Environments and Secure Food Systems for a Modern World (Spring) Group 2:
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SNES Course Requirements_04_10_08 - Science of Natural and...

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