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Summary week 6 poli sci

Summary week 6 poli sci - determining and comparing levels...

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Summary Levitt Levitt in his book makes many interesting arguments regarding the causes of decline in regards to crime and various other social issues. Levitt makes many points in regards to gun control, and how economically speaking, gun control is not logically sound nor is it possible. Levitt points to Switzerland, a heavily armed nation that has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation which disproves many arguments regarding the necessity of gun control. Moreover Levitt makes many arguments in regards to commonly held myths in regards to drop in crime. Levitt with supporting data concludes that despite conventional wisdom, increases in abortions have led drastic reductions in violent crime. Summary Treisman In Treisman’s study, the author makes many arguments in regards to the difficulties in
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Unformatted text preview: determining and comparing levels of corruption across international lines. Treisman comes up with an interesting conclusion on the nature of corruption throughout various societies. According to Treisman, the level of corruption is not necessarily synonymous with democratic participation, but rather historical practices in regards to government, and economic expansion. This is interesting given Treisman’s statistical analysis of the data, as well as his conclusions on the nature of corruption itself. Yet even Treisman understands the limits of conclusions that can be determined from studies on such complicated and always changing subjects such as corruption....
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