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BIS%201C%20F2006%20Final%20version%20A - Exam Version A...

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Exam Version: A This exam consists of 10 pages, 100 questions, and 100 points. Please check your exam to be sure that it is complete. Clearly PRINT your name and ID number on the Scantron from and be sure to fill in the proper ID and exam version bubbles. Choose the one best answer for each question and neatly mark you answers on the Scantron form using a #2 pencil. When finished, turn in the Scantron form to your TA and ensure that you are checked off the list. 1 BIS1C Final Fall 2006 True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. Use A for True and B for False. 1. No bryophytes contain water or nutrient conducting tissues. 2. In ecosystems, energy flow is somewhat linear, whereas nutrient flow is cyclical. 3. Gassing a non-climacteric fruit with ethylene will induce rapid ripening 4. Fungal cell walls contain cellulose similar to plant cell walls. 5. Herkogamy reduces self-fertilization by spatially separating the anthers from the stigma 6. Energy expenditure is required for water transport 7. Stomata close when the guard cells lose water to their surrounding cells 8. The cotyledons are part of the embryo 9. Leaves are always sucrose sources 10. The hypanthium can contribute to fruit, but the receptacle never does Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 11. You are cleaning out your fridge and discover an interesting red mold growing on a plate of food that your roommate has left in the fridge for too long. Curious, you bring it into the lab and find asexual spores being made by conidiation and sacs containing 8 meiospores. This is most likely a member of the: a. Zygomycota d. Chytrids b. Glomeromycota e. Ascomycota c. Basidiomycota 12. Fruits are ____. a. mature ovules d. mature stigmas b. mature megaspores e. mature ovaries c. mature anthers
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BIS 1C Final Fall 2006 Exam Version: A 2 13. A simple fruit with a dry pericarp, and that is dehiscent and splits along two margins, is a ____. a. capsule d. legume or pod b. follicle e. caryopsis c. silique 14. Prothallial cells are: a. haploid d. diploid b. part of the sporophyte e. made in the antheridia c. part of the megagametophyte 15. Select the mismatched pair. a. heterotroph - other feeder b. heterotroph - derives energy from photosynthesis c. phototroph - derives energy absorbing light d. phototroph - light 16. Lignin was first observed in: a. Angiosperms d. Gymnosperms b. Charophycaeae e. Bryophytes c. Seedless Vascular Plants 17. The tube cell a. extends in the microsporophyll b. represents the megagametophyte c. is part of the nucellus d. grows through the nucelles in SVPs e. delivers sperm 18. A ____ has its leaflets diverging from a single point. a.
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BIS%201C%20F2006%20Final%20version%20A - Exam Version A...

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