Russia Paper2 - What is Russia’s current regime type...

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What is Russia’s current regime type? There is little doubt as to what kind of regime is in power today in Russia, it is being ruled by an illiberal democracy. There is no lack of evidence to support that claim. This paper will do just that, explain how and why Russia’s current regime is an illiberal one. In his article ‘Illiberal Democracies’, Fareed Zakaria’s words seen almost prophetic when referring to Boris Yelstin’s powers he writes ‘Yelstin’s actions have created a Russian super-presidency. We can only hope his successor will not abuse it.’ Fast forward to the 21 st century and those words ring true. Russia is today rules by a President with sweeping political power, backed by popular support. This has allowed the Russian President to get away with almost everything, including the sacking of his Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov along with his whole cabinet, all this without any ratification by the State Duma( There is a glaring loophole in Russia’s constitution which allows the state legislature’s representatvies to get away with everything except for murder or treason. Enter article 98.1 which reads ‘of the Council of the Federation and deputies of the State Duma shall possess immunity during the whole term of their mandate. They may not be detained,
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Russia Paper2 - What is Russia’s current regime type...

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